Exhibits listed here are for solo or two-person shows. Clicking the button will take you to the images for that exhibit.

Play of Light

Light is the essence of photography.  As light embraces the world, our surroundings are transformed portraying a reality from the play of light on the land.  As light passes through the atmosphere or bends to the curve of the earth, the light waves produce the colors we see.  Light gives objects form  and defines our world, whether that world is perceptual or conceptual.  We see the world as warm, neutral, or cool, depending on the quality of light,  These visual light interactions trigger our other senses to generate our thoughts and feelings.  The images here create a tension between the reality of the world and the reality of our senses through a conceptual visualization in our mind's eye.  



Rhythms of Reflection

Reflection can be a mirror of the world or a world created from contemplation.  Rhythm is from the Greek rhythms, derived from rhein, which means "to flow".   The images presented in this exhibit elicit a flow of ideas, thoughts, and feelings.  They act as a catalyst to journey into the center of the world created through imagination.  This active exploration unravels relations and makes the invisible visible in order to grasp the fundamental essence.  Here images are not of what is before the camera but rather present some other meaning:  the "what else it is" in the words of Photographer Minor White.  The visual journey provided the viewer unleashes familiar emotions, impressions, fantasies and memories.  The jointing of the world, the photographer, and the viewer reveals our interconnectedness and our human condition.  The spontaneous depictions of people unaware of the camera provide an avenue into a shared private moment.  We see our oneness with each other and with the world.  The process of contemplation, while viewing these works and afterwards, creates a stream of consciousness and poetic portrayals limited only by our imagination and experiences.