At the Still Point of the Turning World

an interpretation of T.S. Eliot’s poem, Burnt Norton

Exhibit at 6 Bridges Gallery, Maynard MA, October-November 2018

These images  reflect the convergence in space of past, present, and future times.   The still point is where memories and thoughts intermingle to generate a dynamic reality outside the continuum of time.  Our past is our future as it is today. What is, what may be, what might have been all coexist within an endless stillness anchored in solitude, protected from the world in motion.   Many of my images have underlying feelings of loss where past is ever-present demanding change in the present and the future.  There are feelings of hope that a garden of peace is just beyond the next bend.   Symbols of a swan and a butterfly impart a sense of growth and transcendence, a new beginning emanating peacefully from the past.

Reality is presented as allegories revealing hidden meanings that go beyond physical appearances:  

      • Doors from the past with panes reflecting the present provide a meditation on time.  
      • Old boats stand tall as ghosts penetrating the present.  
      • Rocks standing on guard and a forgotten stairway suggest paths not taken.  
      • A path lies before us as we move toward the light.
      • Roots of the present have a precarious hold on a future that may disappear from our minds.   
      • The stillness of reflection is centered in the peacefulness of a garden where a place for restful thought is found.
      • A butterfly has transcended its past to go beyond the possible.
      • We hear whispers from the past through clouds in the sky.
      • The reflection of a swan, an angel from above, promises a peaceful new beginning.

Through this imagery, our visual conversation passes from one dimension into another creating movements that are still yet in flux.  While the world whirls around us, we are suspended in a state of contemplation about what is and is not, about what path to take or not.   As in Eliot’s poem, 

What might have been is an abstraction 

remaining a perpetual possibility 

only in a world of speculation.