Play of Light

Exhibit at Nancy's Airfield Cafe, Stow MA, March 2017

Light is the essence of photography.   As light embraces the world, our surroundings are transformed portraying a reality from the play of light on the land.   As light passes through the atmosphere or bends to the curve of the earth, the light waves produce the colors we see.    Light gives objects form thereby defining our world, whether that world is perceptual or conceptual.   We see the world as warm, neutral, or cool, depending on the quality of light. These visual light interactions trigger our other senses to generate our thoughts and feelings.  

My photographs present go beyond the depiction is a reality of the things we see with our eyes.  They present feelings produced when light bends and glows off the forms before us.  A conceptual visualization is created in our mind’s eye.   This conceptual style is strongly influenced by the great painters of the Impressionist period:  in particular, Monet and Renoir.  A tension between the reality of the world and the reality of our senses is created from these ways of seeing and feeling.  From these sensations, we create our own reality of thoughts, memories, and fantasy.